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Environmental Safety and Health Center


According to the announcement of the Ministry of Labor on December 20, 1982 and the regulations of the Ministry of Education, the laboratories, practice workshops, and experimental workshops of colleges and universities are regulated in the labor safety and health regulations. In order to implement environmental safety and health policies, improve the campus environment and establish a safe, hygienic, and eco-friendly campus, an environmental safety and health section was established in 94 academic year, which is subordinate to the General Affairs Office. And then, in order to cooperate with the school's overall organizational development and transformation plan for the 102 academic year, the first-level unit "Environmental Safety and Health Center" was established in 102 academic year to further promote campus environmental protection, labor safety and health management of all school staffs.


1. Planning, supervising and promoting the environmental safety and health management tasks of each unit of school.

2. Planning and supervising the inspection of environmental protection and safety and health facilities.

3. Planning and handling environmental education, fire prevention and safety and health education.

4. Investigations of occupational disaster of all school staffs.

5. Plan and implement the check-ups of all school staffs.

6. Planning and supervising the school's green purchase, energy saving and carbon reduction.

7. Sewage treatment facility management.

8. Investigation of school's greenhouse gas emission and establish a greenhouse gas emission report.

9. Other tasks about environmental safety and health.